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December 2001 - Call for paper
Abstracts for the conference "Education catastrophe? – What should our children learn from us" can be submitted until 31st March 2002. The conference takes place from 27-29th September 2002 in Neuss and will be organized by the Interdisziplinäre Studiengesellschaft. Responsible for the conference is Dr. Dieter Korczak Tel.: +49-89-54344960, Fax: +49-89-54344988
December 2001 - Aut idem survey
On 28th January 2002 the GP Forschungsgruppe is starting a survey (sample: 180 pharmacists) about the situation on the pharmacy market, especially about the reactions to the Aut idem regulation which is passed by the Federal Ministry for Health.
December 2001 - Nutritional state of night shift workers
In March 2002 the results of a comprehensive empirical survey of the GP Forschungsgruppe about night shift workers will be published by the Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz in the NV Verlag. Object of the survey was the health situation, the nutritional state and the nutritional behavior as well as the psycho-social situation of 555 night shift workers.
October 2001 - Sensation, Ritual, Religion– Aesthetics and Religion in everyday life
From 5.-7th October the 58th annual conference of the Interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Praktische Psychologie e.V. took place in the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. The topic of this conference "Sensation, Ritual, Religion– Aesthetics and Religion in everyday life" has gained an additional tragic relevance by the incidents in New York and Washington. For more information about program and course please visit
September 2001 - Das schöne, neue Leben
The book "Das schöne, neue Leben" is now published by the ISL-Verlag/ Hagen (editor: Dieter Korczak). There are above others articles about "The globalisation of curiosity" (by the Tucholsky- prizewinner Harry Pross), "Multi-options society and self-realisation" (by the sociologist Peter Gross), "The production of architecture" (by the architect Ulf Jonak), "Everlasting youth and life-prolonging measures" (by the plastic surgeon Marianne Schrader) and the global migration of the peoples (by the psychoanalyst Aron Ronald Bodenheimer). The book can be ordered at the GP Forschungsgruppe (18 Euro).
September 2001 - Zukunftsfähige Kommune
The initial event of the competition about the local agenda 21 "Zukunftsfähige Kommune" took place on 13th September. Sponsored by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt the competition will be conducted by the Deutsche Umwelthilfe together with the GP Forschungsgruppe, Agenda-Transfer/ Bonn and Ecolog-Institut/ Hanover. On the basis of a selected set of indicators the most sustainable commune in the magnitude to 10,000, to 80,000, to 500,000 and more than 500,000 inhabitants will be elected in the next three years. Documents for the competition can be ordered at the Deutsche Umwelthilfe
August 2001 - Berlin culture night
On 25. August Dieter Korczak was interviewed by the newspaper "Tagesspiegel" about the Berlin culture night. His central statement is: In these so-called "Long nights" the museums are turned into fairgrounds. He demands a different concept for bringing art and culture close to the people.
July 2001 - METSYN-survey
In the leaflet No.5 the GP Forschungsgruppe presents some data from the METSYN-survey which they conducted together with TCF-Munich about the diagnosis and therapy of the Metabolic Syndrome. The whole survey can be ordered at the GP Forschungsgruppe for Euro 12,800.
June 2001 - Wie kommt Wissenschaft zu Wissen?
In June the four-volume edition "Wie kommt Wissenschaft zu Wissen?" (editor Theo Hug) was published by Schneider Verlag. For volume 4 Dieter Korczak wrote the article "Wissenschaftspolitik im Medienzeitalter". The book can be bought in bookshops (ISBN 3-89676-416-0).
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