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December 2002 - GP Forschungsgruppe was awarded the Environment-Online-Award in Silver
The website of the GP Forschungsgruppe belongs to the best Internet pages about the topic "environment" in Germany. B.A.U.M. e.V. (the biggest European environmental initiative of economy) awarded the GP Forschungsgruppe the Environment-Online-Award in silver for December. This award is regarded as seal of approval for modern environment communication. The award is supported by the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Landesentwicklung und Umweltfragen (Bavarian State Ministry for Regional Development and Environmental Affairs) and is under the patronage of the Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety). The GP Forschungsgruppe was rewarded for its successful combining of economy, social topics and sustainable development. For more information about the Online-Award please visit
November 2002 - European Responsibility for coping with poverty
At the 6th German-Polish-Czech Colloquium 2002 in Opole (Poland) Dieter Korczak held a speech about the possible implications which the Polish entry into the EU may have on the fighting against poverty in Poland. He reported about the German wealth and poverty report as well as the European requirements for national plans to cope with poverty.
November 2002 - Competition and Campaign of the Local Agenda 21
The Deutsche Umwelthilfe and its project partners GP Forschungsgruppe, Agenda-Transfer and Ecolog-Institut started the 2nd round of the competition "Zukunftsfähige Kommune". In the 2nd round a modified and amended set of indicators for sustainable development will be used which takes the experiences of the competition round in 2001/2002 into consideration. New is also that an own set of indicators was developed for communes with up to 14,999 inhabitants. Documents about the competition can be ordered at the GP Forschungsgruppe or Deutsche Umwelthilfe
October 2002 - Knowledge competence instead of accumulation of knowledge
On 29th September the 59th annual conference of the Interdisziplinäre Studiengesellschaft about education policy in Neuss ended with a committed panel discussion. In the two days before scientists, politicians, management consultants, doctors, psychologists and headmasters had provided the drafts for a differentiated discussion of the educational problems. At the panel discussion students, teachers, educationalists, entrepreneurs and representatives of the press agreed at the end that not quantity and even more exams are important but the quality of education and lessons. Therefore the currently practised "system of defeat" must be changed into a "system of success". As central result of the conference the "12 Theses of Neuss about Education Policy" were established. The theses can be downloaded as pdf-file.
September 2002 - Highlights from the ESOMAR Congress (22-25th September 2002) in Barcelona
Belonging to the Programme Committee, we are proud to report that this year's congress in Barcelona was a big success. Over 1.000 participants from the client side and the institutes enjoyed brilliant presentations and a refined social programme. It was obvious that market research has to face a new environment. Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi&Saatchi, said research business needs to transform itself but is still backing off the real challenges. Research should be looking at ways to measure and understand emotions; he remarked that scales just don't work in this context. The answers are not just in numbers. Another topic running through the programme was the trend toward patchwork techniques involving ethnographic approaches to understand real life in a longitudinal way. Cutting through the communication noise needs the transformation of diffusional principles in understanding research techniques. Another topic underlining the programme was the use of an integrated and holistic combination of methodologies. How can research be used to accelerate innovation and how can researchers be brought into proactive management decision making? Involvement at the initial stages of thinking in a multidisciplinary innovation team is one of the solutions. The final keynote speaker Simon Woodroffe, Founder of YO!Sushi, made clear where success comes from: One must step outside that small circle drawn in the sand around oneself which is the comfort zone. For further information visit the ESOMAR website
August 2002 - Pen-Comparison-Study
In August 2002 the GP Forschungsgruppe conducted a representative survey among insulin-dependent diabetes patients. Aim of this survey was to compare different Insulin Pens regarding the functioning and the contentment with the Pens.
August 2002 - Indicators for Sustainable Development
At present there are five different indicators sets tried and tested in Germany. They differ but have a lot in common on the other hand. We have made a detailed comparison and discussion of these five indicator sets and another one from Zurich.
July 2002 - Winner of the competition "Zukunftsfähige Kommune"
On 1. July in the Opernpalais in Berlin the winners of the competition "Zukunftsfähige Kommune" were awarded in the presence of Prof. Dr. Krautzberger, MinDir, Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development and Fritz Brickwedde, secretary-general of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. In the class > 80,000 inhabitants Rostock and Saarbrücken were awarded with gold, in the class of 10, - 80,000 inhabitants Ettlingen (B.-W.) and < 10,000 inhabitants Weissach im Tal (B.-W.). In September 2002 the competition, conducted by the GP Forschungsgruppe together with the Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Agenda-Transfer and Ecolog will go into the second round.
June 2002 - Criteria for employment in companies
Personnel managers and managing directors expect high commitment, communication strength and entrepreneurial thinking as key qualifications for project leaders and product managers. Talent for organisation is highly required for the job of team and communications assistants. More interesting results are written down in the survey "Criteria for employment in companies" which can be ordered with the online-form for 50 Euro.
May 2002 - GP Forschungsgruppe is carrying out an online member-survey for ESOMAR.
On the 13th of May a survey starts about customer satisfaction among all German ESOMAR-members. In a pilot study which was carried out together with GMS Dr. Jung, qualitative elements of satisfaction with the European marketing association ESOMAR were determined. Now the quantitative relevance will be determined with this survey which was conducted for the first time in Germany.
May 2002 - Dr. Korczak presents session about the importance of brands on the ESOMAR-Congress in Barcelona
From 22.-25th September 2002 the congress "Consolidation or Renewal? From Research to Customer Insight" will take place in Barcelona. On the 24th September – presented by Dieter Korczak - Rohin Malhotra (Fox Kids Europe), Randy Zeese (AT&T), Siegfried Högl (GfK) and Stefan Binner (bms) will talk about various aspects of the brand management. For further information about the congress please visit
May 2002 - Criteria for employment in companies
In March and April of this year the GP Forschungsgruppe questioned 100 managing directors and personnel managers of German companies about which criteria are decisive for them when employing project leaders and team assistants.
April 2002 - Nutritional state of night shift workers
The Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) has now published the report about the work, health, life and nutritional situation of 555 night shift workers. This book comprises the results of a three-year research project which was conducted by Dieter Korczak together with an interdisciplinary team. Partner were the companies Hipp, Bayer, Hoechst, Nordland, Rheinbraun, Siemens and the professional fire brigade of München. The report can be ordered at the Wirtschaftsverlag NW, Verlag für neue Wissenschaft GmbH, 22568 Bremerhaven (
April 2002 - GP Forschungsgruppe evaluates INSULIN JETZT-education and support programme.
The education programme INSULIN JETZT represents a new form of computer-animated interactive further education for the therapy of type-2 diabetes patients. The objective of the programme is to attain an early insulin therapy among type-2 diabetes patients who are stabilised on bad HbA1c-values (>7,5). The implementation of the programme was supervised, evaluated and optimised by the GP Forschungsgruppe.
March 2002 - Relevant trends in the healthcare system until the year 2010
In the next five years the German healthcare system will experience some fundamental changes – that is the fact to that most experts agree. They see the biggest problems in the German healthcare system in the increasing costs and the financing. Additionally there is the gap between the aging population and the technological progress, the insufficient linkage between the individual sectors and the high expectations of the patients, the gap between the lack of competition and the state dirigism. 105 experts from politics and hospital administrations, health insurance companies, doctor’s associations and clinics evaluated more than 40 trends in the healthcare system according to the probability of coming. The results can be ordered with the online-form against a fee of 10 Euro.
January 2002 - Criteria for employment in German companies
At the moment we are conducting a representative survey among German companies in order to determine the relevant requirements for applicants.
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