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December 2004 - A successful year ends successfully
Within the European combat against social exclusion Dieter Korczak presented in Cork/Ireland the evaluation of the Irish Money and Budgeting Service (MABS). This institution is regarded as a best practice example in the combat against the overindebtedness of private households. Please visit to read his report and the statements of seven European countries.
December 2004 - Whatever the cost
The December-edition of the journal PSYCHOLOGIE HEUTE reports in detail about the results of the overindebtedness-research of the GP Forschungsgruppe.
December 2004 - Research&Results
In the December-edition of the journal Research&Results Dieter Korczak expresses his amazement about how companies call for innovations on the one hand and miss the development of knowledge management on the other hand.
November 2004 - Trends in the healthcare system
At the manager conference of the medical service of the health insurance in Bavaria (MDK) Dieter Korczak presented nine mega-trends in the German and American healthcare system. He gave a review on the necessity of a definition of health aims, the prioritisation of health services, the bad position of people with low income, the management of money and costs in the medical supply, on anti-aging and wellness-movement as well as on the promotion of genetic engineering and brain research.
November 2004 - Stony broke - ways out of the debt trap
On 16th November 2004 Dieter Korczak was interviewed about techniques of seduction in the broadcasting "Glasklar" of the Bavarian Television. A video-tape of the broadcasting can be ordered at the Bavarian Television.
November 2004 - The debt republic
In the magazine CAPITAL 24/2004 Dieter Korczak pointed to the fact that overindebtedness of private households turns out to be an urging social problem. According to a study of the GP Forschungsgruppe 3.1 mill. households are overindebted in Germany. Thus better prevention is useful but the problem can in the end only be solved with the creation of new jobs.
November 2004 - 5. Wiesbaden Symposium of the SCHUFA
Dieter Korczak was invited to the 5th Wiesbaden Symposium of the SCHUFA, where the second debt-compass was presented. Korczak emphasized in his speech that overindebtedness is more than arrears of credits. He appealed to the banks, insurances, trade, mail order business and telecommunication companies to take joint responsibility for the fight against overindebtedness.
October 2004 - Over-indebtedness in Germany
In Germany, 3,1 million households were over-indebted in 2002. This result was announced by Renate Schmidt, minister for families, and by Brigitte Zypries, minster of justice. Due to high unemployment, the increase of low paid jobs and of ruined self-employed people, growing divorce rates and numerous financial analphabets, the trend for more overindebtedness continued. More insights and background informations by GP Forschungsgruppe ore
October 2004 - Which life do we expect?
Dieter Korczak has written an article about this topic which is included in the edition "Action despite Non-Knowledge" by Stefan Böschen et al.. This book has been published by Campus in October (ISBN 3-593-37610-5). Korczak's article covers prognoses and future scenarios. He differentiates between wishful and probable future developments.
September 2004 - Press release: Autonomy and Manipulation
At the annual conference of The Interdisciplinary Scientific Society the focus is put on manipulation techniques of the individual. This event will establish an exchange on new thinking about manipulation and to widen perspectives on individual autonomy. The conference will be held at: Campus Fichtenhain (Europark) Haus Nr. 44, 47807 Krefeld, September 24 th - 26 th, 2004 , contact: Tel.: +49-89-54344960
July 2004 - Minimum Standards for a Sustainable Social Infrastructure
The edition no. 52/2004, published by the German Association for Town, Region and Country Planning, includes an article with the above named title by Dieter Korczak. He is claiming that minimum standards cannot be reduced to the lowest possible level. On the contrary, existing and efficient structures should be protected and even be improved. Financial problems should not be an argument for cities, counties or states to neglect their duties in providing jobs, education, public health, housing programmes and reconstruction of the cities.
July 2004 - Peer Review in the Field of Social Inclusion Policies
Dieter Korczak has been appointed the thematic expert for the peer review of the Money Advice and Budgeting Service/Ireland. The peer review programme is an EU mutual voluntary learning process on the basis of systematic exchange of experiences and evaluation of policies, programmes or institutional arrangements presented in the various National Action Programmes on Social Inclusion.
June 2004 - One Day Sustainability will sell
ESOMAR's first conference on Responsible Marketing, held in cooperation with UNEP DTIE, the Division of Technology, Industry and Environment of the United Nations Environmental Programme (Chairman Dieter Korczak), proved how necessary sustainability will be for future commercial success. A conference report is published in Research World, June 2004
June 2004 - Award ceremony of the competition "Zukunftsfähige Kommune" in Berlin on 29th June
In the course of three years more than 170 towns and communes participated in the federal competition "Zukunftsfähige Kommune" of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe in cooperation with Agenda-Transfer, ECOLOG-Institut and the GP Forschungsgruppe. The competition combines social, economic and ecological topics. "The competition 'Zukunftsfähige Kommune' is the successful attempt to accompany and support towns and communes when creating a sustainable local development", explains Dr. Fritz Brickwedde, secretary general of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) on the occasion of the award ceremony. The orientation of local development towards sustainability is possible as the winner-communes Freiburg, Mönkebude am Stettiner Haff, Riedstadt and Weissach im Tal show. Info:
June 2004 - From market research to value added research
Dieter Korczak gave in his role as German ESOMAR-representative the inaugural address at the 39th congress of the German market research in Düsseldorf. He reported that there are 650,000 market researchers worldwide. The European turnover of market research services is 6.3 billion Euro, in Germany it is 1.119 billion Euro. On the one hand the sector is determined by 'take overs' and 'mergers', on the other hand by higher demands on combination, integration and interpretation of data. A more complex world requires a more complex dealing with topics. This also shows a worldwide survey among 1,099 institutes and 272 companies. 50% of the questioned companies expect more creativity and business intelligence of market researchers.
May 2004 - Responsible Marketing, Sustainability and Commercial Success
Since 1992 when more than 100 governments signed the Agenda 21 in Rio, the move to sustainability is not just a fashionable trend. It is emerging as a key responsability for business, society and institutions. But there is still not enough responsible commitment found in the business world. Therefore Esomar and UNEP have organized an international conference in Berlin (May 11-13) to promote the idea of responsible marketing as compelling business strategy. Dieter Korczak has the honour to be chairman of the conference and the programme committee (see
May 2004 - The theory of overindebtedness
A theory of overindebtedness was presented by Dieter Korczak at the annual conference of debt counsellors in Berlin (May 5 th). He compared European wide used definitions of indebtedness and overindebtedness and proposed a common definition (published in BAG-SB Informationen Nr.2/2004). An overview of the need and the coverage of debt counselling in Germany is given on the map.
April 2004 - Representative Study with mobile and stationary care units
At present we conduct a survey with 1.000 care units in Germany. The units have been selected as random sample. The aim of the study is to get more informations about the situation of diabetes patients in care. The participating care units will benefit from the results of the study.
March 2004 - PHOENIX Talkshow in Berlin: Living on debt - The private credit risk
Thursday, March, 23 rd, 9:p.m. Dieter Korczak discusses live on TV with Christop Schulz (Member of the board of the German Savings Bank Association) and Werner Just (Debt counselling Caritas Cologne). They will talk about the risk of overindebtedness in modern societies and the consequences for the society and the governments
March 2004 - Discourse about "sustainability and society"
The Council for Sustainable Development has set a discourse going with which is to be determined how far sustainability is embedded in the society. Furthermore, different contributions of the major institutions of society and NGOs for a better sustainable development were discussed. Dieter Korczak was one of the 60 invited participants in the second expert-forum in Berlin on 4th of March.
February 2004 - Effective Facilitation of the Market Research Industry
ESOMAR invited Dieter Korczak to participate in an international key-leader-workshop in Amsterdam on 12th February which was about the future development of the market research industry until the year 2020.
February 2004 - Does Germany spend enough money for healthcare?
On a press conference of the pharmaceutical firm ratiopharm on 19th February in Berlin Dieter Korczak talked about the "responsible patient". The results of the survey "Does Germany spend enough money for healthcare?" show that in 2004 every second adult reckons with 150 Euro additional costs for his health. On the one hand people want to compensate these extra costs with a healthier way of life and with more cost-conscious behaviour on the other hand.
February 2004 - Press reports about overindebtedness
The increased run on debt counselling agencies called the attention of the press: With reference to the studies of Dieter Korczak the topic "overindebtedness of private households" was intensively discussed in the ZEIT (No. 10, 26.2.04), in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (21./22.02.04) and in the Kölner Stadtanzeiger (3.2.04).
January 2004 - Guest of the SWR Nachtcafe
On 23 rd of January 2004 Dieter Korczak will be Wieland Backes' guest in the talk show NACHTCAFe. The topic is "Living on Credit". The show will be broadcasted at 10 p.m. in the 3 rd programme of the Südwestrundfunk (
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