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December 2005 - Money and Passion. Power, Vanity and Happiness
The book "Money and Passion. Power, Vanity and Happiness" edited by Dieter Korczak will be published on 21 st of December. Authors of different backgrounds (psychology, sociology, economy, educational science) try to answer the question which meaning money has in society and whether it finally makes people happy. See Asanger-Verlag, ISBN 3-89334-456-.
November 2005 - Professorship in Medical Sociology at the University for Applied Sciences North-Hesse
Dieter Korczak was appointed as professor for Medical Sociology in winter semester 2005/2006 at the University for Applied Sciences North-Hesse, location Munich.
November 2005 - Consumption today and tomorrow - do we have to change our views?
Dieter Korczak has written an article about this topic which was published in the new conference volume of the Dr. Rainer Wild-Stiftung Heidelberg "food between markets and opinions" (ISBN-No. 3-8334-3459-7). He describes the consumer patterns of the presence and shows how they could be in the near future.
October 2005 - Financial education & better access to adequate financial services (FES)
The European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, has given the above named project to a European project group. The group consists of the GP Forschungsgruppe, SKEF/Poland, Observatoire du Credite et de l'Endettement/Belgium and the ASB Schuldnerberatungen/Austria as project coordinator. The purpose of the project is to analyze the access to adequate financial services and the quality of financial education in Europe.
October 2005 - Solutions of Overindebtedness in Europe and Transferability to Germany
Dieter Korczak has written an overview about debt counselling and money advice in Great Britain, The Netherlands and Ireland. The article has been published in Zeitschrift für Verbraucher- und Privatinsolvenzrecht (ZVI, 4.Jhg.., Nr. 9).
October 2005 - New Approaches in the environmental protection activities of companies
After 2001 and 2003, the GP Forschungsgruppe conducts for the third time a representative survey concerning the Integrated Product Policy (IPP). The study is done in cooperation with the Bavarian Institute of Applied Environmental Research and Technology. The sample of the survey consists of 370 managing directors, safety engineers, head of technical departments and responsibles for environmental protection.
September 2005 - Money and Passion
Dieter Korczak is the chairman of the 62nd Annual Conference of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies which takes place in Görlitz (Germany) from September 23rd to 25 th. The topic of the conference is the meaning of money. Lectures are given concerning money as religion, luxury and demonstrative consumption, happiness and unhappiness, vanity and narcissism, power and democracy, financial education and over-indebtedness. See more
August 2005 - How much manipulation is tolerable for a person?
Dieter Korczak has just recently published his new book "Wieviel Manipulation verträgt der Mensch?". It is an edition of several new articles including philosophy, medicine, psychology, communication and culture science, advertising, theology and sociology. The book can be ordered from the Asanger-Verlag (ISBN 3-89334-452-7)
July 2005 - The Care of Diabetes Patients
In Germany, roughly 2,1 million people were in need of care at the end of year 2003. 640.000 were looked after in stationary institutions for the elderly, 450.000 were paid regular attention by mobile care services. To evaluate the care of diabetes patients, the GP Forschungsgruppe has conducted a representative study with 500 stationary institutiones and 500 mobile services. Part of the results were presented at the EphMRA conference "MR=Maximise Reach" at Berlin in June.
June 2005 - 50 years anniversary of the German Market Research Association
Dieter Korczak acted as guest speaker at the 50th anniversary congress of the German Market Research Association: It is a pleasure to express our warmest congratulations on behalf of Esomar. For years there have been a close relationship between Esomar and the BVM. Three of the Esomar Presidents were Germans: Peter Schmitt, Harald Ruppe and Helmut Jung. Two thirds of the German Esomar members belong as well to the BVM. Due to the modern business dynamics from a method and data approach of market research to an integrated information, market knowledge and decision supporting approach, Esomar and the BVM have common objectives. Over the years, German market research organisations have increasingly given strong contributions to the development of international standards of quality performance and worked towards joint European MR representation in Brussels (Alliance for Research). Under the WIN umbrella, Esomar is moving forward a project for worldwide self-regulation which will investigate the possibility of applying the German model for disciplinary process as applied by the BVM. Another project led by Esomar to investigate best ways to provide more reliable, timely and accurate industry turnover data has also been kicked off. For the Brain Train initiative Esomar is developing an activity plan.
May 2005 - The transferability of European debt counselling approaches
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Caritas-debt counselling agency in Eichstätt Dr. Dieter Korczak gave a speech in the presence of the district administrator Dr. Xaxer Bittl and the Caritas director Willibald Harrer with the title: "How do other European countries solve the problem of over-indebtedness and what can we learn from this for Germany?" The speech can be downloaded as pdf-file.
April 2005 - Guideline for action for sustainability
As a result of the project "Zukunftsfähige Kommune" a guideline of 40 sustainability indicators has been published for communes. The publication is the joint product of the project partners GP Forschungsgruppe, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Agenda-Transfer and Ecolog. The guideline comprises the experiences of the 5 years lasting development and testing phase with communal sustainability indicators. The guideline as well as the CD-Rom for individual data inputs can be ordered at
March 2005 - Responsible Lending
GP Forschungsgruppe has written a report for the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture about the lending policy of banks to private consumers. The report deals with credit advertising, residual debt insurance, score cards and provides guidelines for a responsible lending. Federal Minister Renate Künast wants to make sure that the results of the study enter the current revised version of the EU-consumer credit guideline. Comments about the report are in the newspapers ZEIT, FAZ, Süddeutsche Zeitung, TAZ, Leipziger Volkszeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Netzeitung. The report is available as pdf-file.
February 2005 - The Money Advice and Budgeting Service Ireland. A service to help people with financial problems and to tackle overindebtedness.
At the Lisbon European Council in March 2000 the EU Member States agreed on the Open Method of Coordination to find good practice examples for social inclusion. MABS, the Irish Money Advice and Budgeting Service, was selected as an example for the effective fight against over-indebtedness. The synthesis report, written by Dieter Korczak, analyzes the approach of MABS and discusses the transferability to the situation in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Slowenia, Germany and Luxembourg. The report can be downloaded by
January 2005 - 20 th anniversary
The GP Forschungsgruppe, Institut für Grundlagen- und Programmforschung, Munich, celebrates this year its 20 th anniversary. With more than 400 research projects for global acting companies, federal and state ministries, the European Commission, agencies, local authorities and in the B2B-sector the institute achieved in this period a sophisticated image in the market and social research landscape.
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