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December 2007 - GP Forschungsgruppe wins pitch for Second Bavarian Social Report
A consortium of Bavarian research institutes has received the contract for conducting the Second Bavarian Social report. The GP Forschungsgruppe belongs to this consortium and is responsible for the Chapters "Over-indebtedness" and "Health" (together with Inifes) and "Family" (together with the ifb). Results will be available in summer 2008.
December 2007 - Dieter Korczak broadcasted in German TV
At December 4, Dieter Korczak gave an interview in the TV programme 'plusminus' of the German First Channel. He was talking about the danger of over-indebtedness for youngsters and young adults.
November 2007 - Health Related Attitudes and Behavior
Nr. 3 of the TIMESENSOR edition presents representative data on health attitudes and behavior. The study covers as well prevention as taboo subjects and the evaluation of pharmaceutical companies. For more information call +49-89-54344960.
November 2007 - Debt prevention in Kindergarten and School
Special lectures given at kindergarten or school proved to be efficient to empower parents and scholars in their financial and debt avoiding skills. These are the main results of a 2 years evaluation of two Munich prevention programs with more than 500 parents and over 1.800 scholars. The study was conducted by the GP Forschungsgruppe, responsible project leader and author of the report was Dieter Korczak. Other details of the report cover the income and expenditure situation, the unbanked scholars, their information needs and financial problems and their attitudes regarding money. The report is written in German and can be downloaded.
October 2007 - TIMESENSOR No.2 - Quality of Life and National Pride
The second edition of the TIMESENSOR explores the most important criteria for quality of life. You will find a quality of life- ranking of German cities as well as of European States. 86 % of the Germans are proud to live in Germany. The TIMESENSOR delivers you with the explanation for this surprising result. To get more information call GP Forschungsgruppe +49-89-54344960
October 2007 - From Dream to Nightmare - Conference from 19th to 21st October
The Interdisciplinary Society celebrates its 60th anniversary with a conference in Bad Pyrmont (Germany). Dreams and nightmares are the subject of discussion and presentations by famous German and international speakers. We especially welcome Rabbi Prof. Dr. Eveline Goodman-Thau. Registration for the event is still possible. Call +49-89-54344960.
September 2007 - Future Potential of Nanotechnologies
Dieter Korczak and Anton Lerf have just recently published the book "Future Potential of Nanotechnologies. Expectations, Utilization, Impact". Each chapter deals with different applications of the technology in medicine, physics, chemistry, weapons and military use. In contrast to expectations and hopes the societal implications and risks are discussed as well. The book is written in German and can be ordered directly by
August 2007 - First edition of Time sensor No.1 just published
The topics "heat, summer, climate change and environmental policy" are the main news of the 1st "Time sensor". The "Time sensor" is a joint project of the GP Forschungsgruppe and ODC Services. Starting in August each month a representative survey will collect and analyse the most recent topics and trends in German society. To find out more about conditions and ways to order the "Time sensor", call Dieter Korczak +49-89-54344960
July 2007 - Cosmetic Surgery in Germany
The situation of the market for cosmetic surgery was not really known until 2005. Figures were missing concerning the number of suppliers and customers of cosmetic surgery as well as concerning the quality of surgery results and the qualification of the suppliers. The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection therefore funded a research project concerning a review on market supply, problems and need for consumer-oriented political action. The project was directed by Dieter Korczak, scientific head of the GP Forschungsgruppe, Institute for Applied Social and Programme Research in Munich. Methods The project was realized by the use of different research techniques. The size of the market was estimated by a survey of all physicians and institutions offering cosmetic surgery. Customer data were collected by a survey with 620 patients from all over Germany who had done cosmetic surgery between 2004 and 2006. Face-To-Face interviews were used as well as telephone-interviews, online-interviews and mailed questionnaires. Juridical problems were evaluated by an analysis of the regulations for professional training of cosmetic surgeons and other specialties conducting cosmetic surgery. Additionally an analysis was done of the web performances of suppliers. Results There are 2.129 suppliers of cosmetic surgery in Germany. They have done 331.500 cosmetic operations and 192.385 laser therapy facial treatments. Besides the plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgery is done by general surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, ear, nose and throat doctors, oral, dental and facial surgeons, ophthalmologists and in a small proportion even by general practitioners in Germany. Besides laser therapy facial treatments, corrections of the nose and ear, blepharoplastic, lip and breast augmentation are the most frequent operations. There is only a low number of follow up-complications reported by patients. The German market size can be estimated around 700 Million Euro. Patients with cosmetic surgery generally are highly satisfied with the preliminary explanations of their physicians and with the result of the operation. The type of operation is strongly related to the age of the patients. There is no trend visible for an increasing use by male or young women. One third of the patients has experienced multiple or combined cosmetic operations. 17% of the patient sample seems to have a risk of body dysmorphobia. The operations are financed in most cases by the actual income or savings and not by credit taking. Download of the Final report.
June 2007 - Sustainability - Flash in the pan or real potential for 'green brands'?
For several years, sustainability has caused much concern among German citizens, recently coming to even greater prominence in the German media due to the current World Climate Report. Sustainability is a highly diverse issue and the current call for legislation, weighed against the consequent economic effect, is keeping the general public alert to how government and industry will lead and react. To explore the different views, ESOMAR has invited well known German experts from business, politics and the environment to discuss the potential of sustainability and particularly to highlight the impact of green brands. The discussion will be moderated by Dieter Korczak. For more information see
May 2007 - Revision of the ESOMAR/ICC Code
As new elected member of the Esomar Council Dieter Korczak took part at the 2nd council meeting in Amsterdam. During the meeting there was a long discussion how to reach a high acceptance of the proposed revision of the Esomar/ICC Code.
April 2007 - Financial education and access to adequate financial services in Europe
Dieter Korczak presented the results of two FES-surveys conducted in 25 European countries and supported by the EU Commission DG Employ. He gave background information on social inclusion, informed about the intentions of the project, commented the results so far and gave an outlook on future needs.
March 2007 - Consumer protection in the future - Financial Education and indebtedness of young adults
By invitation of the Association of Women in the Rural Area in the State Schleswig-Holstein Dieter Korczak has give a lecture to 500 women at the annual meeting in Kiel.
February 2007 - Foundation of the European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN)
31 participants from 14 European countries attended the ECDN Kick-Off Meeting from 1-3 February in Vienna. Starting off the important new network by uniting the experiences, knowledge and power of experts ...more.
February 2007 - Financial Education as Element of Consumer Protection
By invitation of the Polish Association for Promotion of Financial Education (Stowarzyszenie Krzewienia Edukacji Finansowej SKEF) Dieter Korczak has given a lecture on the possibilities of the prevention of over-indebtedness by improving the financial education of the population.
January 2007 - Amnesty of debts: Amicable Agreement and Statutory Solution
The synthesis report on the Dutch approach of debt regulation and amnesty of debts is now available on The peer review was hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the association of municipal banks (NVVK) and attended by representatives from Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Latvia and Sweden and the European Anti-Poverty Network. The report was written by Dieter Korczak. The report includes a description of the basic elements of the Dutch model of voluntary and statutory debt regulation and gives an assessment of the transferability to other EU-Member States.
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