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Bildungs- und Erziehungskatastrophe, 2003
Nicht vom Himmel gefallen: Meisterinnen im Handwerk, 1995
Rückkehr in die Gemeinschaft - Kleine Netze als Lebensform, 1983
Neue Formen des Zusammenlebens, 1978
Social Research

The situation of children, teenagers and adults in modern society has become more complicated, the fundamental requirements on the family remained however equal. They consist mainly of the generating and birth of children (reproduction), their education (socialisation), of the nutrition and care for the family members (household function) and of the emotional shelter for their members (development and regeneration). “It is in our interest to provide each family with the things it requires to fulfil the most urgent demands...It is time that we recognize the wealth of our contemporary family culture and research their possibilities” (John R. Gillis 1997)

In our analyses we dealt countinuously and intensively with the different life conditions and phases of mankind in our society. Even 1978 when people sharing a flat and living together without marriage were still strange phenomena, we scientifically tackled with the experimental forms of living together. Family planning and generative behavior, marital conflicts and reasons for divorce were analyzed in one of the first longitudinal surveys over ten years and in our surveys about sexuality and promiscuity. Even 1982 we dealt with youth culture and protest as well as with radical right-wing movements. In 1992 job wishes and career-planning of women for example had been the topic of a big survey.

Since mid of the 90s we have been working on the social reports of the governments. These are for example:

• Poverty report of the Bavarian DGB
• 1st and 2nd Bavarian Social Report
• 1st, 2nd and 3rd Poverty and Wealth Report of the Federal Gov.
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