Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Trend Monitoring

In our surveys, studies, reports and publications we intensively deal with current developments and trends.

As a special instrument to measure social mood and trends we have developed the TIMESENSOR. Together with ODC Services GmbH, an online-panel provider, we have been conducting since August 2007 a monthly analysis of current social trends as well as longterm values and attitudes towards alternating topics. The base is a randomised sample of about 1,000 respondents of the ODC-Online panel. The questionnaires comprise open, closed and scaled questions.

The TIMESENSOR is more than a common trendletter. We ask questions which go into the depths and make analyses which are powerful. The TIMESENSOR can be purchased singularly or in subscription.

Until April 2009 the following editions were published:
No.1 Climate Change
No.2 Quality of Life
No.3 Health prevention
No.4 Money and Loans
No.5 Expectations for the future
No.6 Mobility
No.7 Justice
No.8 Youth
No.9 Happiness
No.10 Underwear & Lingerie
No.11 Gifts
No.12 Standard Household Budgets
No.13 Political culture in Germany
No.14 Celebrations

The Interdisziplinäre Studiengesellschaft is as well a platform on which we are involved on a social basis. Since 1997 Dieter Korczak as elected president organised three-day conferences on an inter- and transdisciplinary basis. The results of the discussions are published in the scientific series of the Interdisziplinäre Studiengesellschaft. Amongst others they comprise statements about dream research, future potentials of nanotechnologies, manipulation and space for individuals, ritual, religion, money and education.
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