Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Dr. Dieter Korczak
GP Forschungsgruppe
Breitscheidstr. 16
16321 Bernau bei Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)3338-45 95 45
Fax: +49 (0)3338-70 61 421

Publications 2017
Meinungsführerbarometer Gesundheit, Longitudinalstudie, 13. Befragung von Scientific Experts in der Diabetologie Aktualisierung der Evidenz zur ->
Publications 2016
Teilnahme am Panel „Rating und Scoring in der Finanzbranche“, Fachtagung Assessing Big Data (ABIDA), Münster School of Architecture, ->
Publications 2015
Lecture „Internationale Marktforschung“, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Fakultät für Informations- und Kommunikationswissenschaften, ->
Publications 2014
Michael Knobloch, Wilfried Laatz, Doris Neuberger, Harald Ansen, Dieter Korczak, Laura Flach, iff-Überschuldungsreport 2014, Institut für ->
Publications second half 2013
In the second half of the year one book, two articles and four studies were published by Dieter Korczak and his co-workers: Dieter Korczak ->
How do you treat the excessive crying of babys?
Dieter Korczak, Christine Kister and Cornelia Krause-Girth have written a report about excessive crying babys. Excessive crying belongs to ->
Tackling Household Over-Indebtedness
At a European conference in Athens which will take place at November 25th, Dieter Korczak will give the input speech concerning the topic "financial ->
Mobility and sustainability
Dieter Korczak has written an essay about the ambivalence between the individual need for mobility and the quest for sustainability. The article is ->
Is poverty or a critical life event the cause of over-indebtedness?
In an article for the "BAG-SB Informationen", no. 3/2012, Dieter Korczak answers the question whether the differentiation between poverty and crisis ->
Which alcohol prevention is effective?
Dieter Korczak presented key results concerning the effectiveness of alcohol prevention programs for youth at the International conference "Local ->
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